Easy access to subjects through the subject home screen.

Select the subjects that are relevant to you.

Filter papers for each subject based on level and language.

All papers and marking schemes are provided by the State Examination Commission.

What subjects are covered by the Paper Mate apps?

All subjects, in all levels, from 2001 right up to 2012 are available. If you can do an exam for it, it's in this app.

Are all levels provided?

Yes! Higher, Ordinary and Foundation level papers are provided. Both English and Irish versions of papers are available.

Do I have to be online to access the files?

If you've viewed a paper once while online, this paper will be stored on your device available for offline access.

If I buy the app now, will it always stay up to date?

Yes! As new exam papers and marking schemes become available, you will get a free update. Regular updates will be made to the app as we make improvements